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Why Become a Silver Stacker

My Theories and Thoughts Behind the Precious Metal Investment and Why I Chose to Stack Silver for the Rest of My Life...


I would like to take you through my journey into this seemingly thoughtless investment. At first, you could think to yourself that it would be simple to consider silver and gold an investment, but I would argue that you are missing the bigger picture outlook when it comes to "hedging" your money into this metal. Some of the theory behind why I stack silver and gold is grounded in the calculated conspiracy that the US Dollar will, in fact, collapse. I will start with why that is and then I will lead you into how I ended up with silver and gold as the way to combat this. The methodology is as complicated as you want to make, and the joy of watching your stack grow is a feeling that you cannot get in the stock market.

Since the beginning of time, man has used methods of transferring value for services rendered. Before the days of fiat currency, we had to use what was available to us and that was silver and gold. One could argue that the only reason that these metals have any value is that man gives it value, but that could also be counter-intuitive when the same argument easily defeats the pro-dollar standpoint. Silver and gold have value today that was, according to recorded history, not recognized in the past. The applications that these metals provide on an industrial and medical platform alone sustain the value. As a commodity, silver and gold provide the average and the wealthy with a way to transfer value from year to year by protecting that value from the very thing that will destroy and de-value any portfolio, inflation.

The Dollar was introduced to the United States on April 2, 1792, and the country was doomed from the start. The Federal Reserve system is not a domestic entity, but one of foreign origin, and that alone should remove all faith in the system itself, but most often people need much more convincing than this. The system that is in place is actually working exactly as it was intended, but that sounds like a great and positive thing to average understanding of the person that places any faith in this system. This is exactly why that system will run the course that it began from its inception. Every dollar that is printed from the Treasury is printed in order to pay some sort of national debt, but it is printed at a cost and is born with an interest rate attached to it. Now, if you're a thinker like myself, you have got to come to the same conclusion that I did. Why on Earth would Americans print their own money to pay their own debts and add more debt right on top of it? It does not make much sense unless you derive that there is something sinister behind it. What this is, we may never see and this is where you lose most people. So, I will attempt to keep this topic out of the realm of that conspiracy. The "why" will never be revealed until we stop the "how." 

As the US Treasury is pumping out more and more green paper every day, inflation continues to rise and rise. The buying power of the average citizen is slowly being eroded and at this point there is not much that we can do on a national or global level to stop it. Minimum wage has increased to a previous college degree level and the cost of living has gone right up along with it. If you have even the slightest of an open mind you can see this as clear as day. I remember going to Subway on Sunday after church when I was a child, and my entire family of four (at the time) could eat for less than twenty dollars; now, you can barely eat by yourself for under ten dollars. Have the breads and meats become so scarce that they need to charge this much for the sandwich? No, the dollar is losing its value. This is where I began to look at some investments in a very different light than I ever had before.

If I were to ask you what would the single most valuable thing that humans have on this Earth, what would consider that to be? In my opinion, it would be whatever time you are gifted. Time to me is the thing that you alone spend doing whatever it is that you deem worthy of that time. You can "invest" that time in friends and family. You could "invest" that time into physical fitness, gaming, religion, or even growing as a spiritual being. Whatever you choose to do with the limited amount of time that you have is completely up to you and is your responsibility alone. It would then be easy to assume that those that do not like to have their time wasted, value it. So how do you transfer what you deem valuable to you into something that you can use? You do this through a means of value or wealth transfer. You need to have something physical that took you time to earn, but it has to have some sort of globally recognized value as well. The US Dollar was at one time that staple, but it was also backed by "physical" silver and gold; if you know your history you know that this is no longer the case. The Dollar is literally backed by the faith of those that still believe in it. I find it ironic that "In God We Trust" is printed on every bill, yet it would actually take more faith to believe that the Dollar has any value than it would to believe in the God it says we should trust in.

I came across silver when I was looking for a way to take the dollars that I earn and place them in a location that was shielded from inflation. A place that may not grow or move as fast as others, but a place that the dollar could no longer control. When you buy silver and you hold it in your hand, there is a feeling that you have something real, something even powerful. Unless you have owned any, it is hard to describe. There are a variety of ways to buy the metal, but I found that buying through online sources was the simplest and most cost effective way to do so. I stack my silver in such a way that when the dollar collapses I will have the means to spend it like I would spend dollars today. I chose to stack smaller increments so that when the time comes, I would not have to spend an entire ounce of silver for something like a tank of gas or a loaf of bread. Some might consider this to be a little over prepared, but the way I see it is that those things will still be a necessity and the value of silver will far outweigh the service provided.

I hope that you got something out of this, and the rabbit hole goes even deeper once you get into it if you choose to do so. Just like weapons, ammo, food, and water, I believe that silver and gold will play a major role in preparing for any economic collapse. If this article gains some traction, I will go deeper into the details of what I stack, but I will leave you with this simplified explanation for now. Thank you for reading.

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Why Become a Silver Stacker
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