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The ABCs of personal finance and investing; how to invest wisely and grow your wealth.

Kevin 3 days ago
Why Budgeting Is Important for You and Your Family
Why is setting a budget for yourself important? Let's face it, we all wish we could buy everything that we desire. However, that's just not the case with many people. Money doesn't grow on trees after...
4 Tips to Get Your Finances Under Control
We all stress about money, but many of us just stress and don’t do much about it. It doesn’t take a lot to organize your finances and start saving for important purchases such as a house or for retire...
Isaiah Goodman6 days ago
Becoming Enlightened
One thing that schools actually do teach about money is financial documents. The tough thing is that typically it's only taught in college level classes that focus on business management or accounting...
Tobias Gillot12 days ago
Life Settlements – Understanding the Risks and the Benefits
Essentially, a life settlement is the selling of an unwanted and ineffective life insurance policy. Holders of the policy may settle for a certain cash amount and use that money to fund other areas in...
Jim Hughes12 days ago
5 Money Skills That Will Set You up for Early Retirement
Early retirement is the dream of most people. Unfortunately, for many of us, it feels like an elusive dream. In fact, only 18 percent of Americans are able to retire early.
Raven Wade14 days ago
3 Money Myths You’ve Been Told Your Whole Life
Money is the Voldemort of the adult world. People do not want you to discuss it, it’s rude to ask questions about it, and it’s not taught well in school. By making money a taboo topic, misinformation ...
Karly Lamm15 days ago
Budgeting Made Simple
Regardless if you are an all-time CEO making seven figures or a broke college student working random hours to get some minimum-wage cash, it is crucial to have a budgeting plan! "Budget your money and...
Carlos Fox24 days ago
Earning and Saving Money
Making money isn’t easy, and neither is saving it. But you’ll need to do both if you’re going to provide for yourself and your loved ones, get the most out of the things that you enjoy, and save up fo...
Michelle Schultz24 days ago
Financially Unstable
Like most people, I am not exactly financially stable. I am, but I'm living paycheck to paycheck, while putting a little bit in savings. I'm proud of this though. I've come a long way. See, I destroye...
Kevin Gardnera month ago
The 5 Smartest Tax Incentives You Can Use Now
Many people think that tax credits and strategies are mainly for the rich. The truth is, nearly everyone can take advantage of the deductions offered, in order to substantially lower your taxes. Many ...
Kevin Gardner2 months ago
Getting the Most from Your Finances
Finances are something that people struggle with on a regular basis. They struggle to get ahead just the least little bit, and it seems that nothing will ever work for them to avoid many of the pitfal...
Isaiah Goodman2 months ago
Becoming Aware
How many people have you seen online talking about money? Five, 10, 100? There are so many different people that have talked about money in the last 15 to 20 years, but these are few big ones I typica...
Paulina Pachel2 months ago
What Does a Credit Score Really Say About You?
Why is it that at times where we experience the worst, we have the best epiphanies? Why is it when we’re at the brink of a potential nervous breakdown, everything we were worried about until this very moment becomes obsolete? The simple answer to this is because it just is. It is irrelevant. It is unimportant. It is so passe. I believe that millennials get a terrible rep for the rotten few who refuse to showcase their ambitions, when in actuality we’re probably the generation placed under the mo...
Sasha McGregor3 months ago
Things Soon-To-Be Married Couples Should Know About Finances
Couples all around the world are anxiously waiting for the day they get to join hands with their loved one and say the words “I do,” sealing a lifelong commitment of companionship. With the copious am...
Karly Lamm3 months ago
Why You're Broke!
*Picks up phone to check bank account...* *Smiles because it's not a negative amount...* "Wow, the things I can do with $6.72!" If I were to hand out a survey to just about anyone with the first quest...
Isaiah Goodman3 months ago
Becoming Dynamic
Last time we talked all about the IRA, AKA the "Eye-Ra." The good news is that most of the limits and terminology still applies to the Roth IRA, but I wanted to cover a few of the small differences. T...
Kevin 3 months ago
Budgeting Hacks That Actually Work
It can be easy to take money for granted. That is, at least, until you can't afford something that you want. Overspending is a major problem that affects most people, at least to some degree. Unfortun...