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The ABCs of personal finance and investing; how to invest wisely and grow your wealth.

Sasha McGregor22 days ago
Things Soon-To-Be Married Couples Should Know About Finances
Couples all around the world are anxiously waiting for the day they get to join hands with their loved one and say the words “I do,” sealing a lifelong commitment of companionship. With the copious am...
Karly Lamma month ago
Why You're Broke!
*Picks up phone to check bank account...* *Smiles because it's not a negative amount...* "Wow, the things I can do with $6.72!" If I were to hand out a survey to just about anyone with the first quest...
Isaiah Goodmana month ago
Becoming Dynamic
Last time we talked all about the IRA, AKA the "Eye-Ra." The good news is that most of the limits and terminology still applies to the Roth IRA, but I wanted to cover a few of the small differences. T...
Kevin a month ago
Budgeting Hacks That Actually Work
It can be easy to take money for granted. That is, at least, until you can't afford something that you want. Overspending is a major problem that affects most people, at least to some degree. Unfortun...
Raven Wadea month ago
The Road to Riches
I have always wanted to be rich. When I was little, I would fantasize about all the glamour that comes with money. As I grow older, it centers around the freedom to travel and the ability to take care...
Isaiah Goodmana month ago
Becoming Celebrated
Imagine this, you graduate high school, go to college and pay off all four years of college by working a simple summer job. When you graduate you have enough money and credit to start a family, buy a ...
Izzy 2 months ago
Let Money Work for You!
Let money work for YOU!
Claudia Sanders2 months ago
Total Money Makeover Debt Stress Be Gone!
Have you ever woke up surrounded by mountains of bills and debt that you have no idea how you're going to pay? Have you ever looked into your own future and thought there was no way you would ever be ...
Kevin Gardner2 months ago
Responsible Ways to Fund Large Purchases in 2019
Many homeowners at some point or another find themselves in a position needing or wanting to make a large purchase. The price tag that comes with large purchases is often painful to think about. Howev...
Claire Peters2 months ago
Financial Solutions for the Seriously Ill
Being seriously ill is physically dangerous and exhausting. Serious illness can also take a massive personal and emotional toll on you and your loved ones. And, unfortunately, it can prove devastating...
Courtney Frazer2 months ago
Financial Reality
Money has always been somewhat of a taboo subject matter in my family. Every time anything was mentioned about finances the topic was quickly changed into something different. I know my family has alw...
Kubvoruno Dzimiri2 months ago
Budgeting: The Blue Print to Financial Success
I worked in the financial services from June 2005 until July 2016. 11 years. 11 years of helping my clients achieve their financial goals. During my years working in the financial industry, I worked i...
Isaiah Goodman2 months ago
Becoming Dynamic
We just celebrated St Patrick's Day, and I wanted to talk about the "Gold at the end of the Rainbow": Retirement. Have you ever heard someone talk about having their "number" for retirement? I loved t...
Claire Peters2 months ago
How to Get Your Finances in Order
According to a NerdWallet survey, 64 percent of Americans currently have credit card debt or have faced debt in the past. Although facing your finances head-on might seem like a stressful task, it can...
Jarrod Foster3 months ago
Let's Not Play Catch Up
One of the damaging ways that generations fail or what keeps us from progressing is when you let problems, enemies, or circumstances get in between your family. I am very passionate about family, fami...
Isaiah Goodman3 months ago
Becoming Efficient
What do you think of when you hear the word "taxes?" Some people think it's theft! Some people think they are needed for the US to thrive as a nation. And they think people who make more money should ...
Iggy Paulsen3 months ago
What a Recession Means for Your Portfolio
It's no secret that experts have been warning about an upcoming recession. The Fed's rates have been getting traders talking. Economic strength factors have been faltering. President Cheeto-in-Chief's...