Major moments in the history of the stock market, from the birth of stock exchanges to catastrophic market crashes and more.

Ben Kharakh4 months ago
Worst IPOs in History
"Now these readers, well they'll know our names/ the bankruptcy punch sound is our claim to fame/ and that's why they call us worst IPOs in history, we can't deny/ bad, bad IPOs till the day we die." ...
Jacqueline Hanikeh4 months ago
10 Unknown Facts About 'Wolf of Wall Street'
As a fan myself, the iconic film The Wolf of Wall Street is easily one of the best films out there. Based on Jordan Belfort's memoir, this film perfectly captures the life of the Wolf during his Wall ...
Rachel Blanchard5 months ago
Biggest Merger and Acquisition Failures in History
There are so many companies and businesses out there who are successful at what they do. From food-chain companies to technology and even motor vehicle companies, it's clear that the majority of them ...
Jennifer Violet5 months ago
The Highest Stock Prices In History
The stock market goes crazy every single day. Certain companies' stocks shoot up, but then can suddenly come right back down in an instant. There are also companies that have a consistent rating and c...
C.C. Curtis5 months ago
Worst Stock Market Crashes in US History
Stock market crashes happen surprisingly often throughout the US history. Since they're so unanticipated, it can happen at any minute now. What a stock market crash is a sudden dramatic decline of sto...