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Stock Market - 8/13/2018

What's Hot on the Market

I highly Recommend using the Robinhood App.  The app has, in my opinion, changed the trading culture.  No fees on trades other than FINRA fees.  This ingenious business is FOR the trader.

My Top 5 Hot Picks for the Week of 8/13/2018 to 8/20/2018:

I will be looking into Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD), iQIYI, Inc (IQ), Facebook, Inc (FB), Spark Therapeutics, Inc (ONCE), and Tableau Software, Inc (DATA) next week.  

Hot Picks for 8/13/2018 to 8/20/2018

Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) has intrigued me since the stock was trading at around $3.00 when I was in college (2014). AMD is a little volatile right now as it's adjusting to some solid Q2 earnings and a launch of stellar new products. AMD looks to continually increase its market share in the computer technology sector. With the launch of their new products, they are bound to. AMD closed on 8/10/2018 at $19.06 and is currently up to $19.13 in after-hour trading. AMD had a high this week of $19.70 reached on 8/7/2018 and a low this week of $18.67 on 8/6/2018 to start the week. For this week, AMD is up 1.27% to $19.13. For next week, I see AMD reaching reaching the $20.00 mark. AMD is not much of a short term position anymore in my opinion. I am going to go long on this stock as I believe that $33.00 is the new price target for this stock based on new products and its traction in the market place.


Who doesn't love short term overreactions to news? Facebook, Inc (FB) is currently the cornerstone of how negative news can create a major reaction. Facebook lost something like three million users on their last earning report and the stock and FB went from $217.50 to $176.26, or a loss of about 20%! Mark Zuckerberg lost something like $15 billion over night and many other investors lost money as well. Anyways, FB is bound to bounce back as they are a massively used data hub, I mean social media platform. As of 8/10/2018 FB is trading at $180.29, a bargain for this stock. I have purchased shares of FB and cannot wait to look at them in a month and see a solid short term return. While the short term return will be great, I am going long on FB now. Facebook is used by so many and frequently where I only see the value of this company going up. I believe Facebook will be in the $184.00 to $188.00 range next week, and into the $190.00 range not too long after that.


I have a very small position (30 shares) in iQIYI, Inc (IQ) at an average cost of $29.00. IQ opened on March 29th of 2018 at $18.20 and has already hit a high of $44.20 on 6/20/2018. In recent, IQ closed trading on 8/10/2018 at $29.26 with a weekly high of $30.65 hit on 8/7/2018, a monthly high of $37.00 reached on 7/17/2018, and bottomed out at a low of $28.50 on 8/3/2018. iQIYI is known as, "the Netflix of China" or, the, "Google of China." After a rough Q2 earnings report, it looks to me that IQ will bounce back to the $31.00 to $33.50 range this week and will continue to increase over the next few weeks—in part due to a new deal with Nickelodeon

Spark Therapeutics

I became aware of Spark Therapeutics, Inc (ONCE) this past week after seeing a company shed 30% on their stock price from $77.61 to $52.05 based on a poor Q2 earnings report and mediocre results on one of their clinical studies. The drop of 30% on stock price seems to be an overreaction to the short term and should recover here over the next week to month. Like Facebook, I believe that ONCE will make up some of its lost ground and reach the $62.50 to $65.00 range in the next month. Since it's 30% drop, it has already reached $58.42 at market close on 8/10/2018 since the fall on 8/7/2018—a gain of roughly 10 percent. I expect to see this trend continuing over the next 30 days as the market corrects itself.

Tableau Software

I'm going to be honest, I don't know much of Tableau Software, Inc (DATA) other than they have a tremendous product. I have used Tableau along with its competitors like Qlik and they are not comparable in my opinion. I see Tableau as a solid niche company that is easily going to maintain a large market share over the next few years. Last week, DATa was in the $111.00 range after a decent earning report for Q2. I plan on seeing DATA in the $110.00 range by the end of the month. DATA closed today at $103.70.

Disclaimers and Disclosures

I am not a financial adviser.  My advice is merely me speaking what I believe. I am not responsible for any profits or losses you take if you listen to my opinions. I may not hold positions in stocks mentioned above, in either the "hot," or "not" categories. I wish you all the best of luck and am rooting for you all to make money.  Trade wisely.

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Stock Market - 8/13/2018
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