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Becoming Dynamic
We just celebrated St Patrick's Day, and I wanted to talk about the "Gold at the end of the Rainbow": Retirement. Have you ever heard someone talk about having their "number" for retirement? I loved t...
Trish Gilmore2 days ago
How Do Insurance Companies Make Money?
Ah, insurance. There's never been a truer thing that you can't live with or live without. This is especially true when people who can't afford health insurance get hit with a tax penalty that makes th...
Claire Peters6 days ago
4 Reasons Day Traders Lose Money
Day trading can be a very lucrative profession. When things go right, day traders can make incredible amounts of money in very short periods of time, far outpacing more casual investors. But day trade...
Trish Gilmore6 days ago
Does Rent Decrease with a Recession?
Theoretically, if you're not getting any raises and the cost of necessities like utilities, groceries, and gas are all going up, your rent should go down. If the nation is in a recession and people st...
Claire Peters7 days ago
How to Get Your Finances in Order
According to a NerdWallet survey, 64 percent of Americans currently have credit card debt or have faced debt in the past. Although facing your finances head-on might seem like a stressful task, it can...
Isaiah Goodman7 days ago
Becoming Investment Savvy
One of the most frequent questions I hear is, "How do I start investing?" To me there is a lot under that question that I need to massage out before I just recommend a fund or particular stock. Why do...
Carlos Fox13 days ago
Understanding Risk in Investing
When it comes to building wealth, investing is the most powerful tool that most of us have access to. But wherever you find opportunities to make money, you find risks—and investing is no exception. I...
Jarrod Foster16 days ago
Let's Not Play Catch Up
One of the damaging ways that generations fail or what keeps us from progressing is when you let problems, enemies, or circumstances get in between your family. I am very passionate about family, fami...
Marcus Azaria17 days ago
Dividend Payments
So you are in a place where you want your money to work for you. Over time the compounding interest you earn today can help you live jobless into the future. Let's begin saving and investing as soon a...