Trish Gilmore

I’m a creative writer, blogger, and IT person from Charm City, Maryland. If you’re not from around here, that means Baltimore. If you see someone in Fells Point pouring over a tiny Windows laptop that’s a bit too old, you might just have spotted me.

Top 11 Books on How to Survive a Recession
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Let's start with the basics; what's the difference between recession and a depression? I'll start with the more colloquial definition. A recession is when your neighbor loses their job. A depression i...
How Do Insurance Companies Make Money?
5 months ago
Ah, insurance. There's never been a truer thing that you can't live with or live without. This is especially true when people who can't afford health insurance get hit with a tax penalty that makes th...
Does Rent Decrease with a Recession?
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Theoretically, if you're not getting any raises and the cost of necessities like utilities, groceries, and gas are all going up, your rent should go down. If the nation is in a recession and people st...