Salvador Lorenz

Thinking in nodes of progress, futurism, science, culture, and existence. I experience life in a number of ways, pertaining to mathematical concepts mixed with rich flavors of art.

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How To Invest Like Ray Dalio
a year ago
They've been discussing this for so long there's a Yahoo Finance article on How To Invest Like Ray Dalio from 2013. There's no kidding when we say everyone and their mother wants to learn his secrets ...
Best Apps for First-Time Investors
a year ago
Two of which serving as among the best online brokers for stock trading in 2018 (Robinhood and Motif), the following apps have initiated a new era of stock trading and investing, as a whole. Linking b...
Best Apps to Help You Manage Your Stocks
a year ago
These forms of downloadable content are not only some of the best apps to upgrade your phone, they're some of the most sophisticated, intelligent, and eye-opening applications within the banking and f...