Raven Wade

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Raven loves to learn and express herself creatively, in addition to consuming others art and improving the quality of life for everyone. 


Instagram: raven.jw

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3 Money Myths You’ve Been Told Your Whole Life
2 months ago
Money is the Voldemort of the adult world. People do not want you to discuss it, it’s rude to ask questions about it, and it’s not taught well in school. By making money a taboo topic, misinformation ...
The Ultimate 6 Step Guide to Early Retirement
3 months ago
Life is hard enough as it is. Wouldn’t it be nice not worry about money? To receive a check automatically every month? The term retire is used very loosely, you could continue to work if you wanted. T...
The Truth About Peer to Peer Lending
4 months ago
Peer to peer lending sites connect people who need to borrow cash, with those who have extra to lend. Simplified, you act as the bank and profit the interest. The benefit here is that these companies ...
The Road to Riches
4 months ago
I have always wanted to be rich. When I was little, I would fantasize about all the glamour that comes with money. As I grow older, it centers around the freedom to travel and the ability to take care...