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How to Invest in Real Estate Without Being a Landlord
a year ago
Recent studies shows that most Millennials who want to invest wish to do so through real estate. It makes sense, too. Real estate is a solid, tangible investment that can be improved by your own work ...
Things You Are Most Likely Wasting Your Money On
a year ago
In order to invest, you will need to have money—at least, in most circumstances. With wages being stagnant while everything increases in price, it's hard to actually amass enough money to invest. That...
Investments that Provide a 10 Percent Annual Return
a year ago
Investing is often seen as one of those situations where you have to risk it all to make a lot of money. Truth be told, it's not always that far off. Most high-risk investments have high payoffs, whil...
11 of the Worst Real Estate Mistakes People Make
a year ago
Once upon a time, not too long ago, I lived in an apartment complex that had serious problems. Unlike other apartment complexes, the problems that worried tenants weren't bed bugs or plumbing. It wasn...
Best Finance Advice to Follow from Suze Orman
a year ago
One of the first personal finance books I ever picked up was Women & Money by Suze Orman. From that moment, I was hooked. Suze's words were the first that actually stuck with me. That book helped me r...
10 Facts About Credit Cards You Might Not Know
a year ago
Ah, the credit card. It’s about as ubiquitous as you can get. Slightly over half of all payment transactions now happen with a credit card or a debit card—and that number is expected to grow as years ...