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How Many Millennials Invest in the Stock Market?
3 months ago
Millennials seem to be hated by every other demographic out there—often, unfairly so. We're called lazy. We're called whiny. We're called the "Me Generation," and are often told that we lack the life ...
How to Invest in a Hedge Fund
4 months ago
Hedge funds have a tendency of carrying a lot of clout, simply by their reputation for exclusivity alone. These funds are pools of money from investors that are managed by professionals who "hedge" hi...
The Bernie Madoff Scandal Explained
4 months ago
At one point, Bernie Madoff was one of the most respected men on Wall Street. As owner of one of the most successful investment firms in America and as the former chairman of NASDAQ, Madoff had the wo...
10 Issues Every New Investor Faces at Least Once
5 months ago
I first started investing when I was 18. Okay, that's kind of a lie. I first tried to invest in the stock market around that age. I put together an account with Chase, ordered a single share, and then...
How to Invest in Real Estate Without Being a Landlord
5 months ago
Recent studies shows that most Millennials who want to invest wish to do so through real estate. It makes sense, too. Real estate is a solid, tangible investment that can be improved by your own work ...
Things You Are Most Likely Wasting Your Money On
6 months ago
In order to invest, you will need to have money—at least, in most circumstances. With wages being stagnant while everything increases in price, it's hard to actually amass enough money to invest. That...