Kevin Gardner

The 5 Smartest Tax Incentives You Can Use Now
a month ago
Many people think that tax credits and strategies are mainly for the rich. The truth is, nearly everyone can take advantage of the deductions offered, in order to substantially lower your taxes. Many ...
Getting the Most from Your Finances
2 months ago
Finances are something that people struggle with on a regular basis. They struggle to get ahead just the least little bit, and it seems that nothing will ever work for them to avoid many of the pitfal...
Getting the Most From Your Tax Return
2 months ago
Get every bit you can.
Responsible Ways to Fund Large Purchases in 2019
4 months ago
Many homeowners at some point or another find themselves in a position needing or wanting to make a large purchase. The price tag that comes with large purchases is often painful to think about. Howev...