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Things You Didn't Know About Working on Wall Street
7 months ago
When you think of Wall Street, the first images that pop into your mind are likely snippets from the many films that have covered the historic New York City avenue. These movies, like Trading Places a...
Things You Didn't Know About 'Wall Street'
8 months ago
Among the best Wall Street films to watch, the classic 1987 film Wall Street is considered to be the archetypal image of the wealth, surplus, and success of the 1980s. Despite critical and financial s...
Things No One Tells You About Being a Stockbroker
9 months ago
Since the financial boom of the 1980s, popular culture surrounding the stock market, and Wall Street in particular, has promoted a particular image of the life of a stockbroker. This image involves ni...
The Origins of Wall Street Market Terms
9 months ago
Like members of any relatively exclusive profession or organization, the stockbrokers on Wall Street have, over time, developed a proprietary lexicon of inside jokes and trade-specific terms. Generall...
Is Buying a House Really an Investment?
9 months ago
In the United States, home ownership is considered a basic tenet of becoming an adult. The expectation in this country is that when you grow up, you graduate high school, attend a college or trade sch...
How to Get over the Fear of Investing
9 months ago
Investing is a four letter word to many people. The fear of investing stems from the many horror stories of stock market crashes and tales of wealthy people losing their fortunes on poor investment de...