Isaiah Goodman

Isaiah is a Certified Financial Education Professional TM and a dynamic speaker who loves to empower others. Isaiah has been married to his wife since 2012. At home they are joined by their four children and dog.

Becoming a Cash Flow Pro
16 days ago
Be honest. When you hear this question, what is the first answer that pops into your head? “What would help you with your budget?” Most people say, “If I made more money” Sometimes I hear, “If I spent...
Becoming Goal Oriented
a month ago
We're starting off with "Becoming Goal Oriented: Planning Your Goals." What does that have to do with money? Everything. Have you heard of the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek? If you haven't, go ch...
Becoming a Doer
a month ago
The word procrastinate comes from Latin, "pro" (forward) + "crastinus" (belonging to tomorrow). So in a nut shell when we say we have trouble procrastinating it means that we tell ourselves that we'll...