Isaiah Goodman

Isaiah is a Certified Financial Education Professional TM and a dynamic speaker who loves to empower others. Isaiah has been married to his wife since 2012. At home they are joined by their four children and dog.

Becoming Dynamic
2 days ago
Last time we talked all about the IRA, AKA the "Eye-Ra." The good news is that most of the limits and terminology still applies to the Roth IRA, but I wanted to cover a few of the small differences. T...
Becoming Celebrated
10 days ago
Imagine this, you graduate high school, go to college and pay off all four years of college by working a simple summer job. When you graduate you have enough money and credit to start a family, buy a ...
Becoming Dynamic
a month ago
We just celebrated St Patrick's Day, and I wanted to talk about the "Gold at the end of the Rainbow": Retirement. Have you ever heard someone talk about having their "number" for retirement? I loved t...
Becoming Investment Savvy
a month ago
One of the most frequent questions I hear is, "How do I start investing?" To me there is a lot under that question that I need to massage out before I just recommend a fund or particular stock. Why do...
Becoming Efficient
2 months ago
What do you think of when you hear the word "taxes?" Some people think it's theft! Some people think they are needed for the US to thrive as a nation. And they think people who make more money should ...
Becoming a Cash Flow Pro
3 months ago
Be honest. When you hear this question, what is the first answer that pops into your head? “What would help you with your budget?” Most people say, “If I made more money” Sometimes I hear, “If I spent...