Cato Conroy

Cato Conroy is a Manhattan-based writer who yearns for a better world. He loves to write about politics, news reports, and interesting innovations that will impact the way we live.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast
2 days ago
The other day, my spouse decided to take a look at his FICO score—and he was distraught. His score wasn't the high score that he hoped it to be. When he told me, he immediately thought he should call ...
10 Books About Budgeting Every New Investor Needs to Own
a month ago
If you ask most people out there, learning about budgets is boring. Many of us don’t even really take the time to think about our budgets or where we’re headed. We just spend money, try to save, and h...
11 Ways You Will Be Hit by a Recession
a month ago
When I was first out of college, I found myself in the middle of the Great Recession. Jobs were scarce, college grads struggled, and dropouts like myself found themselves cornered. It was a brutal tim...
10 Warning Signs That Suggest a Stock Isn't Legit
2 months ago
The stock market is supposed to be a safe place to trade—to a point. Risk will always be a part of investing, but the idea that people want to see is the possibility that risk will be mitigated by sta...
How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
3 months ago
A while back, I was talking about my retirement plans with a friend of mine. I have a Roth IRA, along with a small stock portfolio. It's not much, but it's a start. Lately, I've been working on beefin...
Best Books for People Who Want to Learn About Stocks
3 months ago
I remember the first time I decided to start investing. I downloaded Robin Hood, saw a bunch of charts that showed prices to me, made a bet, and watched my money turn to nothing. It was not a good mov...