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10 Must Read Finance Books for Beginners

These finance books for beginners are a great way for young people—who are just becoming financially independent—to feel more confident with money and learn the ropes.

Finance books for beginners are a great resource for anyone looking to gain financial independence, save money, learn about the stock market, or overall, just feel more confident around money. A finance book can give you a wide range of knowledge that you never knew you needed. Instead of paying big money for a financial planner, consider reading some of these personal finance books, so you can invest in yourself, your money, or your life long-term.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko is one of the best finance books for beginners. It talks about US millionaires and how they got to be where they are today. Instead of spending their money all at once on flashy things, they live modest lifestyles and invest their money wisely. It’s all about looking at the big picture and having a financial plan. This book will help people of all ages and wages find much needed financial freedom—from Wall Street traders to new college grads.

You’re So Money by Farnoosh Torabi

You’re So Money by Farnoosh Torabi is a great guide and will even act as a personal financial advisor for all those who read it. In this investing book, Torabi teaches you how to “live beyond your means but spend within them.” She will also teach you how to make money with the money you have, among other ways to find money to invest, and how to budget your money if you occasionally want to splurge. This is one of the best finance books for beginners because it will keep young adults, new to credit cards, from spending frivolously and going into debt.

The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray

Want to know the very basic of investing in terms that even a novice will understand? The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray is your answer. Goldie and Murray ask the reader to make five decisions that will put the odds of investments in their favor. These decisions include answering questions such as whether or not to seek guidance from a financial advisor, how to allocate investments, and more.

Debt-Free by 30 by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck

Easily one of the best finance books for beginners, Debt-Free by 30 has what every young person needs to know in order to get out of debt by the time they are 30. In this book, Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck, who are also still in their 20s, give advice to the young and broke who are struggling to get on their feet. They give key advice on how to win against credit cards, strategies for banking, and how to manage life after debt.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Written by New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi, I Will Teach You to Be Rich is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in closing the behavior gap between the rich and the poor, as well as finding financial freedom for good. Sethi provides a six-week program all within the pages of this finance book. It's structured around banking, investing, saving, and budgeting. By the end of this read, you’ll feel more confident with your money and ready to take on the world like never before.

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke by Suze Orman

With some of the best finance advice to follow from Suze Orman, the expert speaks directly to the young people, who are just starting out, and in search of being financially independent. She offers step-by-step advice, including some you may not have heard before like “use your credit card” and “keep saving even when you’re deep in debt!” The best part is that Orman understands and knows how to speak to the reader without any judgement in her voice. You'll be sure to learn something from her advice, and you will, undoubtedly, feel better about your finances after reading.

Personal Finance for Dummies by Eric Tyson

In Personal Finance for Dummies, Eric Tyson writes the bible of all finance books for beginners. Tips include budgeting, learning how to save effectively, getting yourself out of debt, purchasing the necessary products and services in your life without going further into debt, and much more. This is the eighth edition of this book, so it is clear that Tyson has worked out the kinks to update this book as the economy changes. He is especially wise in his words and worth listening to.

Personal Finance for Teens by Carol Cox

In one of the best investing books for teens, Carol Cox's Personal Finance for Teens is a great finance book for earliest of beginners, allowing teens to get a head start on finance before they are out in the world on their own. It is much better to gain knowledge on the subject of finance before being thrown into the fire. That way, hopefully, they can be prepared, avoiding going into debt and saving money accordingly. Many people read finance books as a way to get themselves out of hard times, but sometimes it may be best to be proactive.

The Index Card by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack

The Index Card by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollax simplifies the world of finance for new investors who may be having trouble interpreting all the fancy jargon that is used on Wall Street. They explain that the "rules" of money management can all be listed on a four-by-six inch index card. Yes, all the rules. In this book, Olen and Pollax explain 10 rules in the simplest terms so that they are accessible to everyone.

The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

I one of the best finance books for beginners, The Automatic Millionaire will have everyone eager to get on the grind to start hustling, saving, and budgeting for their future. In this book, David Bach discusses his one-step plan on how to live your best life and finish rich. This is one of the most popular and best selling finance books on the market, and Bach’s strategy has people around the world very intrigued. Grab a copy to figure out his secret to success.

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10 Must Read Finance Books for Beginners
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